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We offer you a unique guarantee when you study English and Basque with these three commitments

Tuesday February 21st, 2017

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En bai&by trabajamos con precios cerrados. Puedes saber el coste que va a suponer culminar tu objetivo con éxito una vez terminada la prueba de nivel, ya que si así lo deseas nuestros asesores te lo dirán al instante. ¿Algún centro de idiomas se ha comprometido contigo hasta ese punto?

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Why you really learn English at bai&by

Thursday October 27th, 2016

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Do not cheat yourself: you, like many others, have been studying English all your life. Since your schooldays. I’m sure that, as I did, you have also repeated the mantra ‘ Spanish and English are so different…’. Today I’m going to give you two things: on the one hand, a scientific argument (one of many) […]

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Free preparation course for Cambridge and HABE exams together with your registration fee. Besides, you can get a grant of up to 1.200€. Contact with us.

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