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Study Basque and English: method and intelligent platform for adults over 60 years old

Know the only intelligent system in the market based on artificial intelligence and 100% customised for each student. It allows adults who are over 60 to study Basque and English.

Ask for further information, without any commitment, and check how bai&by helps “seniors” to learn Basque or English. (In other cultures, we would be regarded as “juniors” 😜).

Thanks to the DDK System technology, bai&by is the only product in the market with artificial intelligence to learn languages. The Virtual Teacher at bai&by detects each student’s characteristics and creates a detailed profile about each of them. Based on that assessment, it designs a totally customised study strategy, so that we, seniors, can learn Basque and English at our own pace.

Can we learn a second language once we are 60 or more?

Of course! We are in a society where people live longer and the learning processes are not limited to university or vocational training. That is why the expression lifelong learning was coined: the permanent learning throughout our whole life.

The loss of memory and the difficulties to remember are some of the biggest fears people over 60 face to learn Basque or English. The DDK System is a memory trainer that presents contents until they are completely assimilated. It adapts to those people like us, seniors, who have less processing speed and need more time to learn languages. The DDK System allows us to automate contents and store them in the procedural long-term memory. That is why, the bai&by methodology is more than a language course for seniors.

Why is it that bai&by helps us learn when we become seniors?

95% of our students recommend us.

More than 30 years of experience.

More than 37,000 students and 900 companies.

100% performance guarantee.

If you dare to take part in a Basque or English course for people over 60, adapted to your needs, the methodology and intelligent platform at bai&by is what you are looking for. Give us a try! No commitment is required.

Further information

If you want to know more about how adults learn languages, we recommend the article: Con bai&by, ¡SÍ!: se puede aprender un segundo idioma tras jubilarse.

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