Frequently asked questions about our smart method for learning English and Basque.

What languages can I learn using the bai&by method?
Throughout our history, we have specialised in two languages: Basque and English. We have given precedence to the quality and continuous improvement of our teaching material and that is why we have focused on these two languages in which we are specialists.
Is the learning process guided?
Yes, fully guided. Indeed, one of the differences of the bai&by method compared to other online methods is that, in addition to a personal tutor, thanks to the DDK smart system, students have a Virtual Teacher to tell them at all times what they need to work on.
I’ve never learned Basque or English. May the bai&by method be right for me?
Yes, indeed the bai&by method is a fully personalised system that adapts to the personal needs of each student. If until now you have studied with a teacher, at bai&by you will continue to do the same with a Virtual Teacher, who will process and analyse all of the information from your study process, in order to be able to strengthen the content that you find it harder to assimilate. It is fully guided learning. All you have to do is let yourself be guided by your Virtual Teacher. In addition, before you decide, you can try it for a week with no commitment, totally free.
How old must I be to study at bai&by?
Our system is designed for adults (from aged 16 upwards). However, in the last two years, we have had teenagers who are learning English at bai&by, many of them with our new version for studying English from Basque (if that was their mother tongue).
Does bai&by offer English and Basque classes for children and adults on the same terms?
The bai&by methodology specialises in adult language learning.
However, as the learning process and the ability to adapt is different for everyone, we are also involved in projects with schools (from 14 to 18-year-olds). Our method has proven to be successful among those school pupils, as it has helped them to reinforce their foundation in the target language. If you think that is what you need for you or your son or daughter, please contact bai&by and we will study your case carefully. Besides, you can benefit from our trial period before enrolling.
What is the difference between the bai&by method and other online methods for learning languages?
The bai&by Smart System is the only software on the market that uses artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence allows you to assimilate the content required to learn a language differently, depending on the student concerned. The bai&by method is fully personalised. Careful, don’t let them confuse you – if there is no smart system, the system will not adapt to your needs.
What makes bai&by different from some other language schools in the Basque Country?
bai&by has both a highly qualified team of professionals at your disposal and an expert technology that is one of a kind in the language learning market: teaching staff, people who assist you and monitor your learning process, computer scientists and programmers, technical support…
In addition, by keeping an average of 3-hour weekly dedication, we guarantee that you will achieve the objective you have set for yourself, regardless of the time you need and at no additional cost…
Find out more about bai&by intelligent system.
In order to have an authentic immersive language learning experience, do you have native teachers in bai&by?
In bai&by we have both native English and Basque teachers. Every single one of our teachers will give their all to assist you in your learning process and help you achieve those goals you have set for yourself.
Are English and Basque classes offered online in bai&by, or are they only available on site?
Yes, in bai&by we teach English and Basque online, but that’s not everything we do:
You will be accompanied by bai&by methodology at all times. The Virtual Teacher will customise a learning process that will adapt to your needs, knowledge and learning pace. In addition to the Virtual Teacher, we also have an online learning platform adapted to the needs of language learners. So, not only will you have the best online language learning system in the market, but you will also be assisted by all bai&by staff.
Does bai&by offer individual or only group classes for English and Basque?
In addition to the sessions with the Virtual Teacher, bai&by offers individual and group conversation classes.
How long is an average bai&by class? How much dedication is recommended to make progress?
We guarantee that you will achieve the goal you have set for yourself by keeping an average of 3-hour weekly dedication.
You set the length of the individual study sessions with the Virtual Teacher, but they should account for at least 3 hours per week. The group conversation classes are 1 hour long and bai&by tutorials and individual classes are 20 minutes long. You set your own weekly schedule.
What kind of assessment methods does bai&by use to monitor English and Basque students’ progress?
In bai&by we assess your four language skills: reading and listening, writing and speaking. The ongoing evaluation of our students’ learning process consists of the following stages:
Preliminary assessment or initial diagnosis of the four language skills: all students are given an initial diagnosis of their knowledge at the beginning of the course by means of bai&by exclusive level test.
Ongoing evaluation: this evaluation is carried out throughout the whole learning process in different ways (intelligent platform, conversation classes, didactic advice, ie.
Final evaluation of the four language skills: at the end of the course our tutors make the final evaluation by assessing the students’ outcome and learning process.
Self-assessment: with the aim of making students aware of their progress and enhancing learners’ autonomy, the study platform boasts six self-assessment modules.
Do I have to finish a level before moving on to another?
Indeed. This is essential to making progress and achieving a solid base. Our Virtual Teacher ensures that students comprehends all contents of a level before advancing to the next one.
I don’t have Internet; what can I do?
bai&by offers you the possibility to study both online and offline. Therefore, you can study even when you don’t have access to the Internet.
Are the Basque courses approved by HABE?
Of course. We are approved HABE centres and our students can take the A1, A2 and B1 exams at their bai&by centre.
Can I do the Cambridge exams by studying at bai&by?
Of course. In addition, bai&by is a preparation centre for official Cambridge and Trinity exams and you will be able to take these exams at our centres.
What level of certification does bai&by offer to students who complete their English and Basque courses?
In bai&by we offer English and Basque courses from A1 level to C1 level. We are a Cambridge Preparation Centre and an HABE-authorised centre. In addition to the Virtual Teacher and online group classes, we offer specific courses to prepare the B2 (First) and C1 (Advanced) exams in English. As for Basque, A1 and A2 levels can be accredited through bai&by. Additionally, we offer preparation for the other exams that need accrediting by means of HABE official exam calls.
Do I get a certificate when I complete a course?
Yes. Every time a student passes a bai&by course, they will receive a supporting certificate that they have passed that level (A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1). We are approved HABE centers and you can take the A1, A2 and B1 Basque exams at bai&by. AS far as English goes, we are a Cambridge Preparation Centre and you can take the exams at our bai&by centres.
How can I enrol in the bai&by method?
It is very simple, you can enrol at any time, You can contact us at any of our centres by phone or via the website.
How do I start to study at bai&by?
It is very simple. You just have to enter your personal password and let yourself be guided by your Virtual Teacher, who will let you know at all times what you need to work on.
Is there an enrolment period? Can I start at any time of the year?
At bai&by, you can enrol at any time. As the courses are fully personalised and made to measure, each student chooses when they want to enrol and on what date they want to start.
If I have questions, who can I go to?
You will have a whole team of language teaching professionals to help you, tutors, teachers, student services department, technical support, etc… You can find us at our centres or by contacting us by phone or e-mail from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
How do I book conversation classes?
You can reserve them at the centres, after your class or by telephone.
How do I pay for a course at bai&by?
bai&by offers you the possibility of paying for the course in comfortable monthly instalments without interest.
What kind of fees and payment plans are available for English and Basque classes in bai&by?
In bai&by we work with fixed prices. As it is a totally customized methodology, the price of your course will depend on your starting point and the goal you want to achieve. Right from the start, once you have completed the level test, you are aware of the investment you will need to make to reach your goal. It is important to know that when you enrol in bai&by, unlike other language centres, you enrol for the level you set as your goal, not for the time you may need to attain it. This means that if, for example, you mean to sit a public examination that requires a B2 level in Basque, and, therefore, your aim is to reach that level with us, bai&by guarantees that you will achieve your goal with our intelligent system.