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Speech simulator

Have you ever stopped to think how we adults learn a second language?

Speak another language

In order to speak another language, we must be able to say some sentences in an automatized way. Learning in a gnostic way (concept maps, grammar…) is not valid for speaking. To speak fluently, a learning based on praxis and also automatized is needed.


In order to speak, it is necessary to place these sentences in the long-term memory so that we can recover them quickly. To achieve this, strong nodules among the neurons must be made up so that what is learnt is automatized. The most effective way to get this is to learn and practice models in a context. To automatize them, they have to be repeated understanding what it is said and spacing repetitions in time. And this is precisely what the DDK® System does: it simulates the speaking process in an unsurpassable way and it decides when to revise the contents to guarantee they are assimilated.


As each language has its own prosody and intonation, the bai&by program offers 4 modules to work on pronunciation. These modules assess your pronunciation and offer you the possibility to compare it with that of native speakers.

Gráfico sobre cómo se ve la parte de pronunciación

Many intermediate and high level students are often told at the beginning of their study process with the DDK® System that they have significantly improved their speaking skills. How is this possible only with a computer? Precisely because it uses Artificial Intelligence.

See how it works

Just one click of the mouse and the DDK® System will automatically guide you. You don’t believe it? Let yourself go and see how it works in this brief presentation.

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Memory trainer

As the latest research in neurolinguistics shows, memory is on the basis of the learning of any language. And when learning languages, we must train the long-term memory.

bai&by implements the DDK® System (Dynamic Development of Knowledge). This turns it into the most sophisticated memory trainer for the learning of languages, the only intelligent system in the market. This technology is the result of more than 20 years of investigation and has required an investment in R&D and innovation of over 6 million euros.

Beneath the failure in the learning of second languages, there is the lack of base and the use of inadequate learning strategies. The DDK® System has been designed to overcome both problems. Here we have its characteristics:

    • Capacity for diagnosis: through the use of statistical analysis, it detects the characteristics of each student (sensory, short and long-term memory curve, assimilation capacity, changes in performance, errors…) and it elaborates a detailed student’s profile.
gráfica de funcionamiento de la memoria
    • Design of strategies: based on this diagnosis, the system designs a learning strategy which is totally personalized and to improve each student’s results, it decides at every moment, what, how and when to study and it designs the spaced repetition of the contents to guarantee its best assimilation.
Diseño de estrategias, ¿Qué, cómo y cúando estudiar?
  • Dynamic control: The DDK® System controls the dynamics of the study sessions and alternates didactic games and various exercises to keep the student hyperactive and to get both cerebral hemispheres activated. This way, tiredness is reduced and performance improves turning the learning of the language into an easy and fun activity.

Thanks to this technology, the results are much better than those of the traditional methods or of the on-line multimedia systems.

Listen to how we learn

There are lots of misconceptions about the learning of a language. If we do not understand well what it takes to learn a new language, we will fail:

Do not think that taking it and leaving it that you will make progress. Learn once and for all.

Learning a second language is a long-distance race: it requires a big and continuous effort. When building a house, we cannot stop until we have set the roof. If we do, what we have built so far will crumble. The same thing happens with languages. If you give up studying before acquiring a minimum level, you will forget most of what you have learnt. This is why, those students who start studying, give it up, take it up again, give up again… they never make progress. It is precisely for this reason that bai&by only offers medium and long length courses.

Do not think that what is important is to pass the course. If the base fails, everything fails.

Many methods take the student randomly from content to content, but they do not strengthen what they have learnt. The problem, however, is that is not easy for most of us to systematize and structure what we learn. Therefore, the student cannot usually assimilate what has been presented to them and fails. In other words, even if they make progress in different courses, they fail because of their lack of base. bai&by’s Virtual Teacher, though, works on contents until they are completely automatized and guarantees a good base.

Conversación de la plataforma de bai and by
Don’t think that repeating is not important. It is the key.

Repetition is part of the basis of learning. bai&by works on the sentences the student must acquire through micro situations. As the very name says, micro situations are small conversations (2, 3 or 4 interactions) used in real situations. These situations offer a context and help fix expressions in a better way and create mental images. A lot of information can be stored at the same time through images and visualize what is said. In addition to help create links between different ideas and concepts, it increases the capacity for abstraction. Studying this way, the neurons create solid nodules and, thanks to this, more information can be retained in less time. As a result, in the moment of speaking, this information will be recovered more easily and faster and speaking fluently will be possible.