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Learn English and Basque with guaranteed results.

At bai&by, you decide at what pace you want to study languages with the only smart system on the market for learning languages based on artificial intelligence.

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Study English and Basque in freedom

At bai&by, you can study English and Basque the easiest way and with a complete guarantee. Our innovative and unique method, based on artificial intelligence, makes all the students learning languages with us considerably improve their level of English or Basque
  • With absolute freedom

    With absolute freedom

  • Your own teacher

    Your own teacher

  • Smart method

    Smart method

  • At your own pace

    At your own pace

  • Total guarantee

    Total guarantee

If you are between 18 and 26, take advantage of the additional 15% discount on bai&by Basque and English courses. HABE and Cambridge B2 and C1 official exams free preparation course included.

Why you should study at bai&by, your online school of languages

  • Open 24 hours

    Open 24 hours: so that you can study languages from home, on your laptop or at work.

  • Study at your own pace

    Study at your own pace with the Virtual Teacher.

  • conversation classes

    Group conversation classes, by phone and online.

  • Guarantee

    Guarantee without time limits.

  • Results

    Don’t pay for time, pay only for results.

  • Standardized courses

    Standardized courses

  • HABE
  • Trinity
  • Cambridge English

Would you like to get ready for the HABE exams and you don’t know how?

bai&by Fundazioa presents the application HABE azterketak.

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Find out about our intelligent system to learn English and Basque at your own pace

A private teacher for each and every student

Our DDK SYSTEM is the only method that designs a specific program for each and every student, adapting to your knowledge, pace, assimilation capability, mistakes, memory, etc.

You can use the language learning system 24 hours a day from home, the office or while traveling. This is the only personal teacher who will follow you anywhere.

Find out about our intelligent system to learn English and Basque at your own pace

The only intelligent system to learn languages

The Virtual Teacher’s ongoing assessment adjusts automatically to your learning process: it will make your practice your mistakes, revise and many other tasks for you to learn English or Basque.

All in a dynamic and entertaining way with a variety of activities: games, videos, vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, readings, writings, etc.

Find out about our intelligent system to learn English and Basque at your own pace

One-to-one conversation classes

Practice what you’ve learned and overcome the fear of speaking a different language thanks to our conversation classes. You will be able to choose between group or one-to-one classes and, even better, between telephone or online one-to-one classes.

Find out about our intelligent system to learn English and Basque at your own pace

If you’re a company

We’ve got plenty of experience in English and Basque courses for companies. Get more information about all the advantages that the bai&by method offers to your company..

To personalise your study technique with our method, it is necessary to know your knowledge of the language.

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What our students say:

At the moment they are being met and to check my progress when studying a language, no matter how small this is, encourages me to keep going.

Carmen Artola Gutierrez

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What our students say:

I had some previous experience with Basque so I had already seen the results of this method for myself. Very positive ones.

Esperanza Moya Calderón

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What our students say:

I have consolidated my initial level, and I have clearly improved.

Ana Santorcuato Bilbao

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What our students say:

I enrolled in order to get the PL1 and I got it first go.

Yolanda Pinedo Peña

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What our students say:

I wanted to try another way of learning Basque. I have shift work and at the Euskaltegi (Basque Language Learning Centre) I never had a clue during the classes. And besides, there was so much homework! It looked like a very innovative system to me. It also allows you to sit for the HABE exams.

Natividad Miranda Teodoro

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What our students say:

Above all. The online service.

Amaia Zamora Aurrekoetxea

Hundreds of companies have put their trust in us, Why is this so?

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