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Many companies make the terrible mistake of not giving importance to language proficiency in the business sector. However, language training for companies has become one of the most valuable assets and we will tell you why.

We have already addressed this issue on a number of occasions: language training for companies. We have talked about the importance of English in companies and given you revealing facts showing that it is better if your employees know English.

However, despite the fact that many large companies are committed to our innovative approach to training their employees, we believe that there is still a large percentage of companies that distrust this data and do not end up committing to language training for their employees.

Why commit to language training for companies

  1. It is a competitive and productive advantage over other companies.
  2. It is a powerful communication tool internationally. It allows you to open your business up to new markets and expand the business. In short, it breaks down borders and/or barriers.
  3. It is a bonus for employees, whom you keep motivated and show that you care about them. If you commit to them, they will commit to you.
  4. It expands and improves business opportunities. If you open your business up to new countries or continents, the opportunities for expansion are tripled.
  5. It is a strategic investment. You must be as ready as possible. If you do not commit to this kind of training, you will be left behind.
  6. It means significant losses for the company which you may still not be aware of because you have not seen the benefits.
  7. And lastly, you need to know languages ​​if you want to commit to innovation.

These are the main reasons to commit to English classes for companies. At bai&by, we guarantee that, if you test its effects on your company, you will not regret it. You just have to open your mind to open new doors for the expansion and growth of your business.

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