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If you are looking for a language school to learn Basque in San Sebastian, you are in the right place. Let us tell you why our bai&by centre is what you need.

Many students come to our bai&by schools during the process of looking for somewhere to learn Basque in San Sebastian. They do not know exactly what our method involves, or what sets us apart from the rest, but we are there to explain it to them, just as we are now.

The reality is that sometimes choosing one language school over another is not exactly easy. The choice is wide and diverse and there are many factors to consider: location, price, methodology, etc.

bai&by is different because it is not a conventional language school. The innovative method that it offers is advantageous for the student in all of these factors when evaluating the above.

When we explain what we do or what we can offer, other questions arise: Why bai&by? How does the smart language learning system work exactly? Calm down, don’t panic. Let us tell you about it!

5 reasons to learn Basque in San Sebastian with bai&by

  1. The first big reason is to do with price. At bai&by, you do not pay monthly but by results. This means you can use the system until you pass the level. Yes! There is no expiry date.
  2. In addition, you set the pace. Your motivation and needs will determine how long it takes you to complete a level.
  3. As we say, it is a unique system on the market, as it uses artificial intelligence. No, it’s not a movie, it’s real.
  4. The bai&by method for learning Basque enables you to do so from anywhere, any device and at any time of day, provided that you have an internet connection, and in some cases even without one. All you have to do is ask at bai&by.
  5. And finally, with bai&by you also have the advantages of on-site classes, because there are conversation classes in Basque in groups at the various bai&by centres, by phone or via Skype.

Sounds great, right? Come to our bai&by centre in San Sebastian and let’s really get to know each other. We want you to be part of the bai&by community!


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