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Nowadays many of the online language learning methods claim to be what they are not. Bai & by is not one of those, that’s why we’re going to tell you why the bai & by method is unique and intelligent.

Online methods for learning any subject often generate mistrust. Some of those methods, use misleading terminology to sell multimedia methods, which have nothing to do with an intelligent system.

A multimedia method can include, for example, those videotapes that existed before and were sold in sequential installments. Nowadays multimedia methods still exist, but the medium has changed to online .

Are those methods unique and intelligent? Obviously not, they are the same methods as before, but the medium has changed.

The intelligent bai & by method is different. Especially since it is the only one, up until now, based on artificial intelligence.

There is no other method that simulates speech, has a virtual teacher and is able to adapt to the level of the student based on their answers.

But since we do not want you to think that this is just talk, we are going to compile a list of reasons that show that the bai & by method is unique and intelligent.

13 reasons why the bai & by method is unique and intelligent.

  1. It uses the DDK® System. A system that simulates the speech process in the best possible way and decides when to review the contents to ensure their assimilation.
  2. It uses artificial intelligence.
  3. You study at your own pace, according to your needs.
  4. It offers conversation classes in groups, by phone or Skype.
  5. A guarantee to learn English or Basque, and without a time limit. You do not pay for months, but for results. You can use the system until you complete your objective level
  6. Available 24 hours from anywhere, as long as you have a computer or tablet at hand.
  7. A virtual teacher for each student. Studying with bai & by is very simple, sit down at the computer or tablet and let yourself be carried away by the virtual teacher.
  8. The most sophisticated speech simulator, a memory trainer to reinforce what you have learned and to speak fluently.
  9. Continuous assessment.
  10. More than 70 activities available: videos, listening, reading, recording, vocabulary games, essays, self-assessment modules.
  11. 30 levels in 5 learning modules: initiation, elementary, intermediate, advanced and proficiency.
  12. Specific preparation courses for official exams.
  13. The students opinions about bai&by bears it all out.

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guía para mejorar el inglés

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