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If you´re thinking about joining a language school, it’s important to consider certain aspects to make sure you´re making the right decision.

That’s why in the bai&by blog we encourage you to ask yourself the following 5 questions before you decide to join a language school. So,  grab a piece of paper  and a pen, sit back and take notes.

Tips before joining a language school and questions you should ask yourself.

What are my objectives?

To start with, just like a great strategist stop and think what you want to achieve joining a language school. Improve across the board? Enhance your speaking skills? Attune your ear to the sounds of the language? Sit an official exam?  Speak a language perfectly in a moth?

Depending on your medium- and long-term objectives it may or may not be the right moment. Also, be realistic about your objectives. Not meeting your objectives might turn out to be quite frustrating and you´ll end up wasting time.

Do I have the time?

Speaking of time, another tip is to consider whether you have time and feel like investing it in a language learning process.

Even if you´re offered flexible timetables and 24-hour access to resources, as is our case, you´ll still need to put in time and interest to be able to be consistent and to reap benefits of the course.

How much am I willing to pay?

It’s a fundamental question as it will determine your final decision and make you go for one language school or another. Don´t look only at the price, however, analyse in detail what the offer includes (are you offered a guarantee, number of hours, group size, is the material included etc.) and what costs can arise (travelling time, transport costs). Remember, what’s cheap turns out to be expensive and expensive does not always mean quality.

What methodology would you like the school to use?

Or in other words, how would you like to learn a language. You might well prefer to attend a school that follows a more traditional methodology  or one that focuses on enhancing your speaking and listening skills.

Who knows, you might want to try out a new, more innovative methodology that guarantees results.

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