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Now that the new course has begun, it is the right time to understand what intelligent learning based on artificial intelligence exactly means. This is what makes bai&by so completely different to anything you may find in the language market. No one else has at their disposal a system with the characteristics we offer or that it is based on applying artificial intelligence to education.

In the last few years, systems to learn languages that present different games and exercises with idioms and vocabulary have spread. They claim that using some application on your smartphone and working on the contents randomly, you will be able to master the language you wish simply by playing while you travel on public transport or when you fill your down time with their application. However, at bai&by, we are professionals in teaching Basque and English with more than 30 years of experience, and we can guarantee that complete randomness is not the way to learn a language. In order to learn a language, it is essential for the system to be based on contrasted methodology and didactics which should be thought about, structured and put in practice by a multidisciplinary team of professionals in teaching languages. That is exactly what bai&by is.

Let us take a couple of minutes to explain it in more detail (and don’t forget to visit the links we suggest, they aren’t there just to make it look good 😉).

Characteristics of an intelligent system to learn languages

Have you ever stopped to think how adults learn a second language? You haven’t? Well we recommend you visit this hitz&tips “Nola ikasten ditugu hizkuntzak”. Neurolinguistics shows us once and again that repetition is essential to consolidate a language. The aim of that repetition is that those memories are stored in the long-term memory because, opposed to what it is usually believed, knowledge does take up space.

bai&by virtual teacher has two main pillars on which all your learning process is based: a sophisticated speech simulator and an excellent memory trainer. Thanks to this, you will be able to work the four different linguistic skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Soon after starting to learn with the bai&by intelligent system, many people who study at intermediate and high levels are told that they have significantly improved their speaking skills. How is this possible with just an online training method? Precisely because it uses artificial intelligence and it adapts 100% to each person’s needs.

These are the characteristics of our intelligent system:

  1. Analysis capacity: through the use of statistical analysis the bai&by virtual teacher is capable of detecting each person’s characteristics (their short, medium and long-term memory curve, assimilation capacity, changes in performance, errors…).
  2. Strategy design: taking into account the analysis made in the previous point, the intelligent system designs a learning strategy totally customised to guarantee the best assimilation. Two people have never studied using the same strategy at bai&by.
  3. Dynamic control: our system controls the dynamics of each study session and alternates didactic games with a variety of different exercises.

What is an intelligent system to learn languages based on artificial intelligence?

The truth is that, to answer this question, is not easy at all as there are different strategies and many disciplines involved (technology, methodology, neurolinguistics…). For the time being, let us explain the characteristics of our system. This way, we will answer the question in a practical way without evading the issue.

At bai&by, you can study English and Basque in a simple way with total guarantee. Our learning method is innovative and unique and it makes people who study with our system improve significantly and consolidate their English or Basque level.

  1. Open 24 hours: the bai&by virtual teacher doesn’t need a rest. It is capable of working even while we are sleeping. That’s why you can study when and wherever you wish: at home, on a tablet, laptop, at the office… when the time comes you just have to log on and let the intelligent teacher lead you.
  2. Study at your own pace with the virtual teacher: it is undeniable that each person is different and consequently, we have different learning rates that should be respected. That’s why the bai&by virtual teacher must adapt to each person’s needs creating and implementing a customised learning process for each one.
  3. Phone conversation classes or by Blackboard Collaborate: the bai&by intelligent system was an online system long before the arrival of COVID-19 and we have at our disposal the best tools to allow you to put into practice what you have learnt with the intelligent system. Our conversation classes are a good example of this.
  4. Guarantee without time limit: bai&by offers you a guarantee that commits us both: you and bai&by. It is the best way to start your intelligent language learning. Would you like to know more? We offer you a unique guarantee to study English and Basque through these three commitments.
  5. Don’t contract by months, contract by results: when you study English or Basque at bai&by, once again, you have one less problem. This is so because we offer the possibility to stop the course. Just a simple flu is not going to make you miss fifteen days of study!
  6. Approved courses: the language courses we offer at bai&by are approved. Our centres are approved by HABE and we are a Cambridge preparation centre. You just have to concentrate on studying and when the time comes to sit an approved certificate, be sure you’ll be able to do it.

False beliefs about learning languages

We couldn’t finish this article about intelligent learning without explaining some false beliefs about learning languages. It is really important that you stop believing them if you really want to learn Basque or English once and for all and finally stop being “intermediate” for life.

You can’t learn a language if you quit courses every five minutes. If you want to create a commitment with the learning of a language, the best thing is that you accept that learning a language is a long-distance race (and not a 100-metre sprint) and that, even if it requires a big and constant effort, with the right methodology, you will set the best pillars to build on yourself, just like building a house. If the methodology you choose doesn’t allow you to do this, there is very little point in building on a poor base. The Bai&by intelligent tutor or virtual teacher will motivate you in such a way that you will get hooked. That’s why it is so important that you help yourself out with an intelligent system based on artificial intelligence such as bai&by’s.

Don’t think that the important thing is to get through the level. As was mentioned before, you must know that the important thing in learning a language is not just to move on to the next level. Learning English or Basque is not an action video game in which we need to move on to the next level as soon as possible. As we said before in this article, studying randomly is not an option. It is essential that we assimilate what we have studied in a proper way and that we are able to retrieve immediately the models we have learnt. Otherwise, speaking fluently is not possible.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that repetition is not important. The bai&by intelligent system repeats contents. And this is, by no means, because we want to bore you (in fact, it is designed in such a way that it stimulates your interest and keeps your brain active), but because the basis of learning is on repetition. As we have mentioned before, neurolinguistics has proved it so. Learn and enjoy while repeating as many times as necessary, the virtual teacher knows what it’s doing.

A brief conclusion about intelligent language learning at bai&by

As you have seen, at bai&by, you are the centre of the learning process. Both the virtual teacher and all the professionals that make our project a reality are here to help you. You will never ever feel alone. It’s time you ask yourself: do I want to make a real commitment with my learning process and stop this never-ending English or Basque studying, to learn it once and for all? Then, bai&by is a good option for you, we are sure of that. And it is not just us who say so, it is said by 96% of the people who study with bai&by and who recommend our service.

We are sure that, if you want, you can, as long as you do it with us. The bai&by Fundazioa foundation is an educational project that has invested more than 8 million euros in R&D&I to adapt the best of the artificial intelligence to education. Try us with no obligation and you will realise that all we have written in this article is true.

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