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Last week, while we were watching sustatu.eus website, we bumped into a new youtuber, Langfocus, more specifically.  As a linguist, he uses his channel to give important information about many languages, among others, basque.

He has devoted 9 minutes to Basque origins and roots and gives interesting information. It is so interesting that it has had 225,000 viewers. It has appeared in different media sites, EITB among others. Thre very beginning he devotes it to celebrating his followers.


It is a short and entertaining video, with basque subtitles, so we recommend watching it.

We would like to add more information to this Canadian video:

  • Like Paul says, Basque has 714.000 inhabitants for a population of 2.648.000 inhabitants. Though these are correct figures, we would like to highlight that according to the last survey carried out by the Basque Government in 2011 there are 1.102.391 people who can understand Basque.
  • He gives very clarifying ideas to compare English and Basque languages, We would like to add that Basque follows the structure SOV (subject, object, verb). As you know this can cause problems to learners, but, did you know that  most of the languages in the world follow the same structure? You can read this Wikipedia article for more information.
  • Did you know that Basque has no grammar gender? Neutral gender helps us not to create differences between men and women.
  •  As the video suggests, basque is an old language, in fact, one of the 10 oldest in the world.
  • Many times we are not aware of this importance  and the presence which has in the world. When basque speakers travel abroad, we take with us our language. For instance, there is a public school in Manhattan where Basque is learnt. It is one of the 300 languages spoken in USA and has 1860 speakers.
  • Paul speaks about a misterious language, Basque language. It is curious, being such a small region, we really invest on Basque education and development.
  • In order to learn this misterious language, basque people have created a misterious system. The only intelligent system  in the market to learn languages. Our system uses an artificial intelligence to help us learn Basque anywhere.

Thanks Paul for saying beautiful things about our treasure.

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