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Making the decision to sign up to a language school


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One of the doubts that arises when one decides to learn English and/or Basque or try to improve one’s fluency is how to go about signing up to a language school. This article seeks to explain what to do.

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Why the bai & by method is unique and intelligent


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intelligent method languages

Nowadays many of the online language learning methods claim to be what they are not. Bai & by is not one of those, that’s why we’re going to tell you why the bai & by method is unique and intelligent.

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We offer you a unique guarantee to study English and Basque by committing to the three following aspects


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In bai&by we work with fixed prices. You can know the cost of successfully meeting your objective once you´ve completed your placement test, because our advisors will provide you with the price immediately. Has any language center ever offered you such a degree of commitment?

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Be in the starting lineup

Cambridge FIRST and ADVANCED And all HABE levels.

Free preparation course for Cambridge and HABE exams together with your registration fee. Besides, you can get a grant of up to 1.200€. Contact with us.

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