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Do not cheat yourself: you, like many others, have been studying English all your life. Since your schooldays. I’m sure that, as I did, you have also repeated the mantra ‘ Spanish and English are so different…’. Today I’m going to give you two things: on the one hand, a scientific argument (one of many) so that you understand why most of us find it so hard to learn English and, while doing so, I will explain why, at bai&by, you will stop studying English to learn English instead.

According to the BCBL (Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language ), a centre we have collaborated with in the R&D&I LangMind project, English has a phonological space that is much wider and more complex than ours; for instance, we only have one “i” instead of a long and a short one. Phonological space? In a nutshell, it is a part of our brain that we activate during our first eight months of life and that, with age, as it is the case with many other things, we lose the ability to modify.

However, and as I told you in the first paragraph, you must not be discouraged. Here I’ll give you a solution. The bai&by intelligent method can help you learn once and for all. Besides, it will give you autonomy so that you will be aware of the evolution of your learning process.

You will give the first step to pave the way

As you know, our intelligent learning method has four features that distinguish it from the rest of the systems in the market: the ability to diagnose, the design of learning strategies, the prevention and treatment of mistakes and the exhaustive control of students’ data.

The bai&by method detects each student’s characteristics and ellaborates a customized profile that is used to design a particular learning strategy for each student in such a way that the virtual teacher assesses you in a unique and personal way.

Once you start using the bai&by intelligent system, while having a coffee in front of your computer, the magic of a learning process guided by a Virtual Teacher starts. This way, it guarantees a solid foundation on which to build the language. You will experience how, as your study, you assimilate and automatize contents and how you make progress and surpass the basic-intermediate level you were never able to pass.

Finally, you will have the ability to see the control of your learning process in an exhaustive way, what you master, what you must improve, how you can improve it… Through 6 evaluation modules. If you have studied with another system before, you will soon realize the control mechanisms of the bai&by method have no competitors.

Besides, we cannot forget that having an R&D&I department in constant innovation, as well as a customized technical service, a customized tutor… is also of great help 😉

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