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All languages have, besides typical expressions, many others commonly used in everyday’s life. Often we have to learn them by hart, in context and with their meaning. Today, I would like to teach you 10 usefull English expressions.

Here is the list:

At the airport / on a plane:

1. I’d like a window seat.

When travelling by plane, by train or by bus, don’t be shy and use this expression to ask for a window seat.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the views 😉

2. I have a connecting flight.

If you like to travel far and you have to do many stopovers and connections, you can use this expression to tell the flight crew that you have another flight to take.

3. Is this seat taken?

You can use this expression on any means of transport, to ask if that seat is free to the person next to it.

Do not occupy someone’s seat, ask if it is free.

At restaurants:

4. A table for two, please.

If you go with your partner to a restaurant and want a table for two, you can use this expression. If you travel in a group you only have to change the number two by the number of people you are.

5. Can I have the bill, please?

After your meal and before leaving the restaurant you have to pay the bill. This expression will help you.

6. Is there a house speciality? / Is there a local speciality?

Many forms of tourism are becoming fashionable, and gastronomic tourism is one of them. But is not this what we have always been doing? Every time I travel I am interested in knowing the gastronomic culture of the place. What a pleasure!

The first expression will let you know if that restaurant has any interesting specialty. The second, my favorite, will allow you to ask if there is any local dish that is worth it

Bon appetit.


7. I’m just looking, thanks.

It makes me feel uneasy when in a store I’m asked “how may I help you?”. Does it happen to you too? With this answer you can say that you are just looking. Learn this expression by hart and you will say it automatically as an answer, for example when you are just reading the menu outside a restaurant or in a store.

8. Where are the fitting rooms?

After finding something you like in a clothes shop, if you want to try it on, you need to know where the fitting rooms are. Then, you only have to ask this question, try it on, buy it and pay the marked price before leaving the store as happy as lark.

At the hotel:

9. What time is breakfast served?

After spending all the previous day from here to there, or after a night of party, the most normal thing is to wake up hungry. This simple question will help you know when breakfast is served.

10. Can you show me on the map?

Have you ever got lost in a city or in a town? Even if you can have your smartphone’s help it is also good to be able to ask locals for information. I recommend you talk to them to gather in-formation, you will learn a lot with this kind of conversations.

Using this question you can know where you are on the map, and you will avoid getting lost again. If you get lost it will be because you want to get lost, and anyway, getting lost can be another atraction on its own. You can always find interesting places, anyway 😉

And remember, if you want to improve your English, come to bai&by and we will be glad to help you.

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