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We all like doing sports. Sometimes it’s a little bit harder, that’s true, but once you get going, you feel more comfortable and fulfilled, don’t you?

It’s curious but most of the names for sports are similar in the three languages. Football, which is the result of putting the words “foot” and “ball” together, is “fútbol” in Spanish and “futbola” in Basque. Or baseball, “béisbol” and “besbola”. Boxing, “boxeo” and “boxeoa”.

We’ve brought you a few which are a bit more different.

Basque Spanish English
Eskubaloia Balonmano Handball
Saskibaloia Baloncesto Basketball
Estropada Regata Boat race
Xakea Ajedrez Chess
Txirrindularitza Ciclismo Cycling
Arrantza Pesca Fishing
Xendazaletasun / Mendizaletasun Senderismo Hiking
Korrika egin Correr Running
Igeriketa Natación Swimming
Lasterketa Carrera Race
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