How can learning English benefit your working life?

Saturday June 18th, 2016

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I am not going to show you anything new if I tell you that learning English can be of great benefit to your CV and, consequently, to your career. In a society with a growing number of high profile jobs and an increasing number of young people who have a university degree, it is beyond doubt that studying the second language most spoken in the world will open some doors that you wouldn’t be able to cross in any other way.

Today I would like to share with you some interesting data regarding the work benefits of learning English:

According to different online job search sites, 75% of the work positions for high-profile workers required a good knowledge of English.

Nowadays, any professional who wants to be up to date and to have the possibility to access to technical or scientific publications needs to understand English as 75% of the technical and scientific papers are published in said language.  Besides, you should know that an estimate 40 million internet users – 80% of the total number of users approximately – communicates in English.

Learning English also allows you to boost your curriculum as it is necessary to speak two languages in order to find a job. Our world is getting more and more globalized and big companies work at an international level.

Apart from that, once you get the job, the salary benefits are important, too. Employees who work for big companies can receive up to a 20% salary increase in a high-profile job. And, even though it is not guaranteed, we cannot forget that one out of three companies selects its staff based on their knowledge of languages. Besides, if 98% of workers know that learning English will benefit us enormously, why don’t we wake up and start studying English right now? Don’t blame it on the lack of time! You can study at home, in the underground, on the bus, during breaks…

Learning English benefit your working life

And do you know what the positions in which English is required are? Journalists, designers, software developers, community managers, tourist guides, engineers or doctors.

the positions in which English is required

Dare to study English, in a few months you will be thankful to yourself for having made this small effort.

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