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Some of you are bound to wonder how the system of levels works at bai&by. The smart system that we have in place may sound like science fiction, but it really works.

Here is an outline of the main features of the system of levels at bai&by. It is an innovative method unlike any other on the market, featuring artificial intelligence and developed to adapt to the learning rate of each student and make things as easy as possible for him/her.

Three key points for understanding the system of levels at bai&by

1. Level test

The reason why a level test is needed prior to staring to learn a language becomes clearer in a smart system such as ours. It serves to show us the real level of your knowledge of Basque or English.

So before the whole bai&by method swings into gear, our students have to take a language level test to determine how much they know. This goes for both Basque and English.

We should warn you: the bai&by test is addictive. It is an adaptive test, i.e. the questions are designed according to your previous answers, and takes around 20-25 minutes to complete. We recommend ensuring that there are no interruptions or distractions when you take it, so that we can properly assess your starting level in the language that you want to learn.

Once you have completed the test, we will tell you how to get a 15-day free trial of our method. We understand that many people distrust methods of this type: that is why we like to give students the chance to try it before they finally sign up.

This is the classic sales technique of “look around, compare and if you find something better, buy it” applied to language level testing. We are so sure that what we offer is unique and unbeatable that we want you to try our method out so you can see how effective it is and confirm that it really works.

2. From beginners to experts

Once we have determined what level each student has, he/she is logged into the bai&by system. The bai&by method features 30 levels in 5 learning modules: Beginners (A1), Elementary (A2), Intermediate (B1), Advanced (B2) and Fluent (C1).

However, the system also includes specific courses to prepare students for official EGA Basque language and Language Profile, First Certificate, Advanced and other exams.

So whatever you need, we can help you improve your English or Basque language skills effectively and ensure that you really learn. All this is done at your own pace, with all the freedom that our method entails.

3. 100% customised

Once you have decided to really learn English or Basque and have set out your unique, personal needs (this is why the system is customised) we tailor our software to your needs so that you can start to improve from day one.

You can use the system wherever and whenever you like, with no limitations on time or location.

The learning method is set up as a game: a smart guide tells you when you have completed a level, where you need to improve and programmes revision for you, just like screens from a video game. But they are adapted to you and your own learning process. “How?”, you may ask.

Using your questions as a basis, the system is capable of recognising the areas where you are least sure of yourself and need to improve. What exercises are displayed depends on this, so that you can work on what comes hardest to you.

With a single click you can also call up graphs with a snapshot of the whole learning process. Amazing, isn’t it?

If you want to try the  bai&by smart system for yourself, go ahead: take the  English or Basque level test and ask for your free, no-obligation trial of the software.


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