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It is more difficult to choose an online English school than a conventional English school. If you are hesitating between two schools in the city where you live there is no problem: you go and inquire. But, what do you have to look for when you decide to buy an online learning service?

Many people are reluctant to study with an online English school because they think it can be a scam and that they will not really learn anything. But the truth is that e-learning is becoming increasingly popular and there are online learning methods that actually work.

Next, we will see what aspects you should consider when you decide to join an online English school. Let’s have a look!

4 tips for choosing English online school

The method

The first thing you should notice is the method. Your success as a learner will depend on it.

Tools like a mobile application, or a collection of videos are not the same as an intelligent system that is based on the way the brain learns, don’t you think?

So, you should inquire about the method, what it consists of and what guarantees it offers. Then ask yourself if you like it and if it convinces you.

Teaching material

Another thing you should know when choosing an online English school is the number of exercises and modalities there are. If it also offers or suggests complementary material, such as a book, it couldn’t get any better. .

The online English schools that promise you´ll learn through clicking are not entirely reliable. Some studying is always necessary. In that case, a book, be it grammar or a reader, is the best support material.

And it is also important to know if there are a few exercises or it’s a platform that offers a full language learning experience including speech and pronunciation exercises. And if on top of that you find an online English course that offers you telephone or Skype classes … Wow! It’s quite a hit.

Advising and assistance to students

One of the major disadvantages of e-learning is that in most cases there is no one to assist you, advise you or solve your doubts

In this sense, it is recommended that, when choosing English online course, you make sure you know if there is a virtual teacher, a physical place to go, etc. Online training is great, but if you also have a team of professionals that you can turn to, it will give you further reassurance.

Being self-taught is all well and good, but knowing from time to time that there is someone on the other side, helps.

Conditions like price and deadlines

Lastly, before choosing an online English course, it is convenient that you also value administrative or technical aspects.

Some of these aspects include, for example, the price, if it has a trial period or expiration date, if the system is easy to use, etc.

These types of details will help you make the final decision. And if not, you know: take out a piece of paper and a pen and make a list of pros and cons.

We know an online English school that has all those requirements that you are looking for. It is called bai & by and they also offer Basque. Join us if you dare!

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