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Tuesday September 12th, 2017

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If you want to make a qualitative leap and you need tools, methods, and tips for improving your Basque… you’re in the right place!

At bai&by, we are well aware that when you already have some basic notions, what you are looking for is to strengthen, improve, correct and keep learning.

There are many ways to do this and we will explain some of them below. We have compiled 10 tips to improve your Basque that we believe you will find useful.

10 tips to improve your Basque

  1. The first thing you should do to improve is to correct what you learned incorrectly. Few courses or academies start from this premise when it comes to improving. The bai&by method is among the few that do. Do you want to know more about bai&by?
  2. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Making mistakes is good provided that you use them to improve.
  3. Try to be consistent, especially if you are using a different method to learn Basque than ours. Just because you are comfortable doesn’t mean you can relax.
  4. Listen to songs in Basque and try to translate them. And remember that listening to a Basque radio station will also help you to listen.
  5. Travel to the Basque Country or immerse yourself in a barnetegi.
  6. Read books and newspapers in Basque. Reading gets you into good grammatical and writing habits.
  7. Try to name things you see in Basque and those that you don’t know you can look up in a dictionary. Then create your own dictionary and look at it frequently. When you have fully memorised a word, delete it from your list.
  8. Take advantage of the slightest opportunity to practice with others.
  9. Use applications to learn Basque. New technologies provide us with a lot of resources to use to improve, such as YouTube channels for learning Basque.
  10. Commit to courses that use artificial intelligence to boost your level of Basque, such as the one at bai&by.

It sounds like a science fiction film, but there is already a system that has this and that is our system. Do you want to know what the bai&by smart method is about?

If you want to improve your Basque, it will be a pleasure to listen to and advise you. Now you know, start by doing a level test.

Basque test assess your level bai&by

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