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If you are plagued by doubts and don’t know when to enrol at a Basque language academy, then below we will give you some pointers so that you have a better idea of when is best time to do so.

Now that the new academic year is getting closer, you might wonder when to enrol at a Basque language academy. At the start of the academic year? After Christmas? In the summer, when you have more free time?

The perfect time will always depend on the particular interests, needs and situation of each person. But… what if you didn’t need to know when to enrol at a Basque language academy?

When to enrol at a Basque language academy. Is there a perfect time?

The perfect time to enrol at a Basque language academy does not exist. There will always be unforeseen events, lack of spaces, Basque language academies with pre-set opening hours and courses, already established groups, etc.

The perfect thing is to find a “place” where you can learn Basque that is not subject to times or opening hours. Timeless learning adapted to the particular interests of the student body, such as taking Basque classes to take up the language again and be fluent.

Nowadays there are multimedia and/or online systems for learning Basque: applications, websites… which allow you to learn Basque anytime, anywhere. But none are comparable to the unique smart system for learning Basque that bai&by uses.

You may ask what is special about bai&by’s smart system?. Firstly, it is based on artificial intelligence, it is a unique learning method and adapts to students, not the other way round. Secondly, you don’t pay by time, but by goals and guaranteed learning.

When you enrol at bai&by, you do it for a number of guaranteed levels, not by time. This means that if you want to learn Basque to reach level PL1 (B1) because the entrance examination that you want to sit requires it, bai&by assures you that you can achieve your goal using the smart method.

However, just as we commit to you, we need you to commit yourself to yourself.

And secondly, this, in turn, implies that you decide the pace at which you want to study, with nobody setting deadlines for you.

All this boils down to a fantastic news for you: at bai&by, any time is a good time to enrol to learn Basque. Incredible, but true.

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