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Today we have one of those bits of news that we like to give. bai&by Fundazioa is offering scholarships to people who are actively studying Basque or English and intend to go far in their language studies with us.

We understand that economic conditions can be a barrier when it comes to learning languages and at bai&by Fundazioa we want to help this being a problem for you again. If you have made a firm decision to study Basque or English, you can do it with us with one less worry.

Requirements for scholarships for learning Basque or English

As we have already mentioned, we have a scholarship for everyone who meets the two simple conditions described below:

  1. Accept your commitment to study Basque or English with the virtual teacher in our smart system for an average of at least 3 hours per week. We consider this to be adequate time to assimilate a language using our smart system.
  2. Attend a minimum number of conversation classes. 70% attendance of conversation classes at bai&by centres and 100% attendance of individual telephone classes.

Once these two conditions have been met, any student who meets the objectives defined with our help will be eligible to receive a scholarship of between €150 and €1,200 offered by bai&by Fundazioa.

It is also worth mentioning that these scholarships are fully compatible with other scholarships, for example, those offered by HABE when obtaining an official Basque language qualification or those offered by different town councils.

As we have already mentioned in other posts in this blog, bai&by Fundazioa wants its professional work and personal commitment to transcend into other fields with clear objectives.

We want to highlight the promotion of minority languages, especially Basque and the socialisation of resources in the area of education, with the aim of making the right to education a reality, specifically access to training in English as a facilitator to accessing technologies.

The aim of this scholarship is to promote the study Basque or English and we hope that it will serve to encourage you to do so.

If you need any information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact one of our centres and ask our colleagues or, if you prefer, contact us by using this online form.

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