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Why the bai & by method is unique and intelligent


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Nowadays many of the online language learning methods claim to be what they are not. Bai & by is not one of those, that’s why we’re going to tell you why the bai & by method is unique and intelligent.

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We offer you a unique guarantee to study English and Basque by committing to the three following aspects


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In bai&by we work with fixed prices. You can know the cost of successfully meeting your objective once you´ve completed your placement test, because our advisors will provide you with the price immediately. Has any language center ever offered you such a degree of commitment?

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10 free online resources that will help you with your English learning process


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english online, learn english, learning language

On New Year’s day we usually make many resolutions. If you resolved to study English, here you will find a little present: 10 free online resources that will help you with your English learning process.

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Tips for choosing English online school


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innovative methodology, learn english, tips to learn english

It is more difficult to choose an online English school than a conventional English school. If you are hesitating between two schools in the city where you live there is no problem: you go and inquire. But, what do you have to look for when you decide to buy an online learning service?

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The Challenge of Basque


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basque, english smart system

Sora Ryu is a South Korea.n woman living in Barakaldo who works as a cook and, even if she came here to learn Spanish, her personal life lead her to learning Basque. She wants to share her learning process with you.

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Why you really learn English at bai&by


Study English

english smart system, innovative methodology, learn english

Do not cheat yourself: you, like many others, have been studying English all your life. Since your schooldays. I’m sure that, as I did, you have also repeated the mantra ‘ Spanish and English are so different…’. Today I’m going to give you two things: on the one hand, a scientific argument (one of many) […]

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Before you join a language school


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study languages

Si estás pensando en apuntarte a una academia de idiomas es importante que te plantees antes algunas cuestiones para elegir bien.

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How can learning English benefit your working life?


Study English

I am not going to show you anything new if I tell you that learning English can be of great benefit to your CV and, consequently, to your career. In a society with a growing number of high profile jobs and an increasing number of young people who have a university degree, it is beyond […]

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Be in the starting lineup

Cambridge FIRST and ADVANCED And all HABE levels.

Free preparation course for Cambridge and HABE exams together with your registration fee. Besides, you can get a grant of up to 1.200€. Contact with us.

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