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Proverbs and sayings you can use in everyday life


Study English

ikasi, ikasi ingelesa, ingelesa

Sayings, proverbs and idioms are popular, straightforward and accurate sentences that form part of a long tradition of orally transmitted culture. They address moral, practical or even superstitious issues. Many times, they are metaphorical and funny. In many cases, they are anonymous and their origin is difficult to trace back. Why are they sayings? Because […]

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A Language of Mistery and… a misterious method for learning basque


Study Basque

study languages

Last week, while we were watching website, we bumped into a new youtuber, Langfocus, more specifically.  As a linguist, he uses his channel to give important information about many languages, among others, basque. He has devoted 9 minutes to Basque origins and roots and gives interesting information. It is so interesting that it has had 225,000 […]

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Sweet English dreams. Some books which adapt to your English level


Study English

ikasi ingelesa, ingelesa, liburuak ingelesez

We were told at school reading was important. Remember those days! Surely you had a favorite book. Ours as ‘Oliver Twist’. Reading plays an important role when learning a language. That’s why Bai&By wants to share some books with you. These books are classified in different levels. If you want to know your level, you […]

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