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20 words for autumn dishes in English, Basque and Spanish


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Autumn is a very important season for eating healthy, as we get ready for facing winter strongly and full of energy. Each culture has its own diet and eating habits, but it is very important to eat seasonal products. Here you have some vocabulary with our typical autumn dishes. Which one is your favourite? Food […]

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Phrasal verbs: which ones are the most common?


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The phrasal verbs you will find here are definitely the most useful ones. They might seem to be a lot, but if you use them, you will improve not only your written skills, but also your ability to understand (and follow) conversations. Are you ready?

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How to write a formal letter or email in English


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One of the biggest challenges that students of English and business people in general face, is writing a formal letter or email in English. Although it is a common task when preparing Cambridge exams, when we have to apply what we have learned out of the confines of the classroom, we have doubts and we […]

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Romantic phrases in Basque and love songs


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If you are thinking of declaring your love, let us give you a few phrases of love in Basque, a few other romantic expressions and the perfect songs to become the soundtrack of your declaration of love.

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10 Expressions you can use everyday


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All languages have, besides typical expressions, many others commonly used in everyday’s life. Often we have to learn them by hart, in context and with their meaning. Today, I would like to teach you 10 usefull English expressions. Here is the list: At the airport / on a plane: 1. I’d like a window seat. […]

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10 free online resources that will help you with your English learning process


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On New Year’s day we usually make many resolutions. If you resolved to study English, here you will find a little present: 10 free online resources that will help you with your English learning process.

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Tips for choosing English online school


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It is more difficult to choose an online English school than a conventional English school. If you are hesitating between two schools in the city where you live there is no problem: you go and inquire. But, what do you have to look for when you decide to buy an online learning service?

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The Challenge of Basque


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Sora Ryu is a South Korea.n woman living in Barakaldo who works as a cook and, even if she came here to learn Spanish, her personal life lead her to learning Basque. She wants to share her learning process with you.

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